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My association with Jim Sanderson began in the early 90's while I was in High Point, NC. We faced a multi-million dollar building project and I met Jim Sanderson who led us in that successful program. His direction, knowledge, expertise in the area of stewardship is exemplary, however his biggest asset is his attitude and calm demeanor. His history as a pastor is an added dimension to his work. Because of the experience with Jim, when we began the $48 million program at First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX., I again turned to Jim for his help and advice. I find Jim to be honest, trustworthy and a man of genuine integrity. I would love to have had him serve alongside me on my staff. Without hesitation I recommend the services and ministry of Jim Sanderson to you.

Dr. Mac Brunson, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Jacksonville, FL.

I am honored to recommend Jim Sanderson to you. I have been privileged to have Jim's leadership in two capital campaigns. In each campaign we reached our goal and I contribute much of the success to Jim's leadership.

Jim is a "people person" who can challenge and inspire others to do amazing things for God's Kingdom. He is deeply committed to the Christian faith and approaches stewardship programs not simply as a way to raise money, but as an opportunity to challenge people to grow spiritually.

I would encourage you to give prayerful consideration in using the many gifts God has entrusted to Jim in helping your congregation to more fully reach their giving potential. I believe God will be glad you did that.

Dr. A. Lynn Hill, Senior Pastor
Franklin First United Methodist Church
Franklin, TN.

Our church faced a daunting challenge of raising $3.1 million for needed building repairs in the midst of a very difficult economy. Fortunately we turned to Jim Sanderson for support and guidance.

Jim listened to us and designed a program to meet our context and our needs. Jim taught us the basic principals needed to make our program successful. He trained our leaders and volunteers, dividing the campaign into discrete tasks and getting a large number of our members involved. He gave encouragement when we needed it, kept us on task when we needed it and shared his wisdom and insight s from his many years as both a pastor and a consultant. Jim is an effective communicator and connected well with our people. Jim was particularly helpful to me as pastor, letting me know what things were important for me to do and what things could be done by others.

With Jim's leadership we exceeded our financial goal by 6%, a great blessing. We continue to incorporate the things Jim taught us for our annual stewardship campaign, so his influence continues even in his absence.

Dr. Ernie Thompson, Pastor
First Presbyterian Church
Wilmington, NC

I met Jim in the late 1990's while interviewing companies for our church's capital stewardship program for the relocation of our church's facility. We selected the company based on one fact, that Jim Sanderson would be our consultant. During this campaign, our pastor left for another position but Jim led us with skill to great success despite losing our pastor. Jim did such excellent work that we hired him again in the early 2000's for another multi-million dollar debt reduction campaign. In both campaigns, Jim's integrity, organizational skills, leadership qualities and warm personality were evident to everyone.

Jim also preached for us on several occasions and his messages were inspiring, interesting and he always applied Biblical principles to everyday life. His extensive pastoral and consulting experience make him uniquely qualified for many ministries.

In all of my dealings and conversations with Jim, he has exhibited the highest standards of integrity and honesty.

J.H. Williams, Vice President
Merrill Lynch
Jonesboro, AR.

While working with our church, Jim helped develop, organize and implement our House of Worship Stewardship Campaign. He worked effectively and sensitively with our staff and church leadership team, leading our church in its largest stewardship campaign in church history. More importantly, we now enjoy our new Worship Center! His knowledge and expertise in working with us was superb. You will find that Jim is highly qualified and comes highly recommended by those who have worked with him. Jim will continue to lead us in future projects as well as occasionally being a guest preacher in my absence.

John Mark Caton, PhD
Senior Pastor
Cottonwood Creek Church
Allen, TX.

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Jim Sanderson in our church's capital campaign to raise $1.6 million for a sanctuary renovation and addition. During the entire campaign I found Jim to be highly organized and motivating. He instructed us well on how to organize a great campaign. The additional bonus was that Jim was highly spiritual man grounded in his genuine concern for the "Body of Christ for whom he served."

Our campaign was a great success and we exceeded our goal. Two years later we have nearly paid for the entire project even though we find ourselves in a difficult economy. Jim has remained open and accessible to help us during this time and has remained interested in our program.

I highly recommend the services of Jim Sanderson to you.

Rev. Scott Bradford, Senior Minister
First United Methodist Church
Uvalde, TX

Jim has an amazing ability to organize a great campaign that will involve a maximum number of people, not only as givers but as participants and leaders. It was really amazing to sit back, to watch him work, and to watch the campaign come together.

Jim is quite polished but also personable, professionally trained and experienced but also spiritual. He is gifted for the task. Jim understands the capacity for using a campaign to raise the level of spiritual excitement in a church around a vision. He gets to know the people, he reassures them, he trains, answers questions, provides excellent materials and virtually guarantees, if not the financial bottom line, that you will at the very least have an excellent campaign.

You will not be sorry you used Jim.

Dr. Chet Haney, Senior Pastor
Parkside Baptist Church
Denison, TX.

It is my privilege to recommend Jim Sanderson to you as a preacher, pastor, consultant and friend to many. Jim assisted our church in her most successful fund raising effort in the history of the church. The success was not measured in the amount raised, though that was the most ever committed and raised in our church, but it was measured in the growing of spiritual unity and maturity in our church family.

Jim always represented himself and the Lord with dignity and professionalism while having a passion for the spiritual growth of our church. I commend Jim to you without reservation.

Dr. Wes George, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Rogers, AR.

Jim Sanderson was the consultant for our capital campaign to build our new sanctuary. Thanks to his wise counsel and effective leadership our people committed over $5.1 million. This commitment level far exceeded our expectation of $4.0 million. We attribute much of this result to the clear training and leadership of Jim.

Our people liked him and he related well to them. He responded quickly to our questions, gave wise insight to issues we faced and guided us with expertise. Since the campaign concluded, He has consistently been available to me to deal with any lingering question or issues that have arisen. I think that Jim's years as a pastor and national consultant has given a special insight into the needs of a local church as well as the demands placed on a pastor.

I highly recommend him to you.

Dr. John McCallum, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Hot Springs, AR.

Jim Sanderson has led our church in two multi-million dollar capital campaigns. The first exceeded our goal by 60% and the second achieved our goal. But apart from meeting our financial needs, we became a better church from a spiritual point of view.

Something sacred happened as Jim led our people to consider what it meant to be a follower of Jesus Christ and to be an investor in the Kingdom of God. We were changed individually and collectively. We have not been the same since. When I look back at my twenty four years as pastor, three key events have been pivotal in our growth. One of those was the day we met Jim Sanderson and asked him to help us.

He has worked with other churches in our city and around our state. To a person, each one would join me in giving thanks for Jim's leadership. He has the ability to understand his client now matter the denomination, location or style of worship. He has a pastor's heart. He is a deep man of faith and if you work with him, he will become your friend.

Dr. Mike Queen, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Wilmington, NC

Jim has helped our church over the years by providing excellence and wisdom on several projects. You will quickly recognize that Jim is a man of honor and humility while being very skilled in communicating within the church. Jim has the ability to relate well with pastors, ministerial staff and lay leadership. All of us who have every had the privilege of working with him look forward to doing so again.

I am confident that your experience with Jim will be a positive one for you and your organization.

Rev. Scott Sanford, Executive Pastor
Cottonwood Creek Church
Allen, TX.

Working with Jim over the past 6 years, it has been my privilege to closely interact in various ways with him in numerous settings. Without fail I have found his wise resourcefulness and responsiveness only to be outdone by his kind pastoral heart. Often while in the thick of major seasons of ministry with pressing demands, he has carried himself with a calm and resilient attitude that builds confidence and team spirit in those with whom he works. He is the first among men that I turn to with questions about the kind of services he provides. Jim has a pastor's heart and a leader's mind and I count him as a dear friend. With affection and respect, I recommend him to you.

Dr. David Porter, Associate Pastor
First Church
Rogers, AR.

When Jim came to our church as our consultant for our first capital campaign, we could not have been happier with all he had to offer. During that campaign, Jim's guidance, knowledge, ministry and program led us through a successful program to receive pledges of over $8000,000 far exceeding our expectations.

When we were ready to enter the second leg of our capital funds campaign, we turned to Jim again. His leadership in the second program with meetings, guidance, consultations and, at times, great patience, directly resulted in our success.

Jim's ministry with us is a blessing as he directed our leaders, workers and members into the Biblical meaning of stewardship, connecting us through scripture to achieve God's will for us. We are grateful for his hard work and highly recommend him to you.

Rev. Mike Wilkinson, Senior Pastor
First Church
Swansboro, NC

To get more information about any of our services, please call Jim at 214.471.6239 or email him at