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While working with our church, Jim helped develop, organize and implement our House of Worship Stewardship Campaign. He worked effectively and sensitively with our staff and church leadership team, leading our church in its largest stewardship campaign in church history. More importantly, we now enjoy our new Worship Center! His knowledge and expertise in working with us was superb. You will find that Jim is highly qualified and comes highly recommended by those who have worked with him. Jim will continue to lead us in future projects as well as occasionally being a guest preacher in my absence.

John Mark Caton, PhD
Senior Pastor
Cottonwood Creek Church
Allen, TX.

Working with Jim over the past 6 years, it has been my privilege to closely interact in various ways with him in numerous settings. Without fail I have found his wise resourcefulness and responsiveness only to be outdone by his kind pastoral heart. Often while in the thick of major seasons of ministry with pressing demands, he has carried himself with a calm and resilient attitude that builds confidence and team spirit in those with whom he works. He is the first among men that I turn to with questions about the kind of services he provides. Jim has a pastor's heart and a leader's mind and I count him as a dear friend. With affection and respect, I recommend him to you.

Dr. David Porter, Associate Pastor
First Church
Rogers, AR.

Church Stewardship Services provides a wide range of low cost services designed to assist you in developing your people as God's stewards. Each program is personalized to fit your church and tailored to meet your needs.

Capital Stewardship Programs: We provide a choice of options to raise funds for your capital needs from self-led programs to full-service consultant directed programs.

Annual Giving Stewardship Program: Our annual giving program is designed to raise funds for your operating needs and to lead your people to excel in the grace of giving. We focus on growing your peoples' giving percentages as well as increase numbers of givers. Our program is designed to have immediate impact and long term growth.

Major Gift Development Programs: Whether for capital needs, regular giving needs or as a standalone component, the cultivation of major donors allows your church to receive significant additional funding while leading major contributors to catch the vision of giving to the Kingdom of God through their church.

Endowment Development Programs: Endowment giving provides donors a means to invest in legacy giving to the Kingdom of God through your church. Endowment funds for mission projects, facility maintenance, special ministries, scholarships, etc. can be funded in perpetuity.

Feasibility Studies: Are you at a crossroads? You do not know which building to build or what your people are willing to support and at what financial level? Then a feasibility study may be your answer. Based on personal interviews, group meetings and surveys to the congregation, as well as an in-depth evaluation of the church's history of accomplishment and giving, we can provide you the answers to your questions preparing you for a successful fundraising journey.

Planning Studies: You know what your project is but you want to be sure that the church is ready to move forward with it. A Planning Study will discover the issues that can affect your outcome and will give you a roadmap to preparing your church for the next step of expanded ministry.

State of Your Church Assessment Study: Assessment studies allow an objective look at your church to see how you are doing financially and will make recommendations to you on how to get where you want to be. You will find out what is affecting positively and negatively your church's ministry and what you need to do about it.

Public Relations Services: Build a sterling image in your congregation and to your community through our Public Relations Service. We will work with you to tailor a PR program to elevate your image both within and outside of your walls and impact your effectiveness.

Vision/Mission Statement Development: Vision and Mission statements for your church provide you a clear commitment to your work and service in the Kingdom of God. More than just words, such statements are the result of a journey of exploration and discovery of God's leadership in your church. When such is articulated they invigorate your congregation with a new spirit of purpose and direction. These statements allow you to evaluate all you do resulting in increased effectiveness for your mission and ministry.

Crisis Management Services:No one likes a crisis but they do come uninvited. In such times an experienced professionals view can give you the means to manage a crisis successfully. Usually it is not the crisis that derails your people but the missteps made dealing with the crisis. If you have been given a lemon, we help you make lemonade.

Long Range Planning Service: Getting from A to Z can be challenging. We will work with you and your people to determine the direction for your church and create a roadmap for future ministry.

Church Stewardship Ministry: Many mega sized churches have development officers and stewardship departments that are constantly working to grow their giving base. Now, regardless of the size of your church, you can have the same thing at an affordable, low cost. Have your own stewardship minister and watch your church excel in this grace of giving.

Conference/Seminar/Speaking/Teaching Services: Church Stewardship Services will tailor a conference, seminar or speaking event for the specific needs of your church or organization. Tells us what you need and we will tailor an event for your staff, church leadership or the entire church which can facilitate the next step of expanded ministry.

To get more information about any of our services, please call us at 214.471.6239 or email him at