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While working with our church, Jim helped develop, organize and implement our House of Worship Stewardship Campaign. He worked effectively and sensitively with our staff and church leadership team, leading our church in its largest stewardship campaign in church history. More importantly, we now enjoy our new Worship Center! His knowledge and expertise in working with us was superb. You will find that Jim is highly qualified and comes highly recommended by those who have worked with him. Jim will continue to lead us in future projects as well as occasionally being a guest preacher in my absence.

John Mark Caton, PhD
Senior Pastor
Cottonwood Creek Church
Allen, TX.

Working with Jim over the past 6 years, it has been my privilege to closely interact in various ways with him in numerous settings. Without fail I have found his wise resourcefulness and responsiveness only to be outdone by his kind pastoral heart. Often while in the thick of major seasons of ministry with pressing demands, he has carried himself with a calm and resilient attitude that builds confidence and team spirit in those with whom he works. He is the first among men that I turn to with questions about the kind of services he provides. Jim has a pastor's heart and a leader's mind and I count him as a dear friend. With affection and respect, I recommend him to you.

Dr. David Porter, Associate Pastor
First Church
Rogers, AR.

Jim Sanderson - President

For 20 years, I served as a church consultant with America's largest stewardship program company, rising to the position of Sr. Vice President. Working with nearly 400 churches in capital stewardship programs, those churches raised over $600 million. To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest number of programs worked by any consultant in the history of stewardship ministry. The privilege of working with some of America's leading congregations and church leaders, has been an education in how God uses different leadership styles, philosophical approaches and worship traditions to accomplish His work. My experience with multi-cultural, ethnically diverse congregations, has provided me a deep appreciation for the uniqueness of what each church offers to the Kingdom of God. And working with churches with 100 families to over 7,000 families, has challenged me to be adaptable, sensitive and appreciative of how God has chosen to build His Kingdom.

Prior to serving on this national stage, 6 different congregations, over 23 years, honored me with the privilege of serving as their Senior Minister. Still a minister in calling and in my heart, my commitment has grown to equip ministers and pastors with the skills and resources to lead their churches forward in these complex times. My public relations and fundraising skills were honed with 2 years of service as Director of Public Relations and Development for the 1600 churches of my state denomination. Accepting the invitation to be one of the principal architects of a major stewardship education drive for our national denomination, taught me critical writing skills. The assignment to create a national stewardship program and write the instructional and training materials for the program, taught me to communicate effectively and clearly to a wide, diverse group of people. Much of the program materials being used by stewardship companies today were written by me over the 20+ years of my service in this industry. In addition, over 600 churches have sought my counsel regarding numerous and various issues and exposed me to the many complex issues churches face. As one minister said to me, "I think you have seen everything." Having written stewardship sermons, Bible Study materials, conducted 16 feasibility studies, 22 planning studies, provided over 100 church assessments, conducted 3 long range planning programs, made numerous major gift presentations and conduct over 100 speaking/preaching engagements a year, have refined my creative stewardship education approaches and elevated my administrative skills.

All of this has equipped me to offer a unique stewardship ministry to your church especially in light of what is and will be the most financially challenging time in nearly a century for America's churches.

I look forward to speaking with you and hearing what God is doing through your church and how Church Stewardship Services can work with you in furthering the work of the Kingdom of God.

You may contact me at 214.471.6239 or